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Phonak Ensures Ongoing Hearing Protection with Launch of SafetyMeter Fit Testing System

Murten, Switzerland, November, 2010

Swiss hearing specialist Phonak has launched SafetyMeter, a new fit testing system that ensures the company’s Serenity customers receive, and continue to receive, exactly the ear protection they require.

Unlike standard sound attenuation values such as Noise Reduction Ratings (NRRs) and Single Number Ratings (SNRs), which are laboratory tested, SafetyMeter assesses and documents the actual in-ear sound attenuation a Phonak user receives from their custom-molded Serenity protection.

The SafetyMeter fit test can be performed in any quiet environment such as a manager’s office or meeting space, the test is completely objective (no user feedback required), and each assessment takes just five minutes.

Following each test, SafetyMeter provides the user with a personal attenuation rating (PAR) applicable to their specific custom-molded Serenity system. Test data is stored automatically and can then be used by a company’s safety manager, or professional service providers, to accurately monitor and evaluate an employee’s hearing protection over time.

“By using SafetyMeter users of our custom-molded Serenity systems can ensure that they continue to receive the industry-leading protection they signed up for,” said Evert Djikstra, managing director of Phonak Communications. “Safety managers and service companies can use the test to spot protection gaps before these lead to hearing issues, and because SafetyMeter helps staff understand how to best use and wear their protection, the test can actually help strengthen a company’s hearing conversation program.”

SafetyMeter offers:

• Personal validation

SafetyMeter validates each worker’s own custom-molded Serenity protection, meaning test results are 100% specific to that employee.

• Confidence

Employers can ensure that employees at risk of hearing loss receive protection that performs well within the required parameters.

• Training

During the SafetyMeter fit test, users can ‘feel’ and understand the attenuation difference between wearing correctly and incorrectly inserted ear shells, helping ensure they use their protection properly in future.

• Cost savings

More accurate and reliable hearing protection means fewer potential cases of hearing loss, leading to potentially reduced compensation costs and fewer recordables.

• Compliance

Fit testing ensures that a company meets national hearing protection regulations and the recommendations of safety organizations.

Portable and compact, the SafetyMeter fit testing system is supplied in a sturdy carry case. Its PC software is highly user-friendly and results are stored digitally or can be printed for hard copy filing.